Granny Square Skirt on the Hook Again

Yea!  My yarn from over seas came in yesterday, and I can resume stitching on my granny square skirt.i feel quite lucky that I was able to find this yarn at all since I bought it from a Bernina shop in Jerusalem.  Have you ever seen a shopping bag from Jerusalem?  Here it is.That alphabet really looks unreadable to me.  Somehow we share the joy of a common love, sewing and crochet.  It’s such a small world!

I am on the road , AGAIN!  My parents both turned 80 this past year,  all of my brothers and sisters bought them a trip and are joining them on a vacation.  We haven’t all been on a trip together in over 15 years!  We are all so excited:) 

So… I am glad this yarn came in. Now I can hopefully finish this skirt on the drive.  I think I can, I think I can!I am stitching in the back loops of the stitches to give this great striped look.This skirt is going to be based on this  free pattern:I am going to make it in a round and add a few inches.  I think it is going to fantastic!

Thank you for dropping by my blog.  I hope you have a SWEET weekend:)

10 thoughts on “Granny Square Skirt on the Hook Again

  1. Hope you guys all have a wonderful trip. That will be a most precious memory for all of you, I’m sure.
    Love DROPSDesigns! although I have to say, that skirt is quite a throwback to the 70s! 🙂 In all seriousness, your project is lovely and I’m looking forward to the photos that show the finished skirt.


  2. I love the skirt! That is really pretty yarn. Wow, I never even imagined there WAS a Bernina shop in Jerusalem! How nifty – thanks for showing the bag. Enjoy the wonderful family vacation. How fortunate you are to have had your parents with you for so long.

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