Scrap Happy Bag

Hello!  It is that Scrap-Happy time of the month again:)!  I always love linking up with Kate over at Tall Tales from Chiconia and seeing what fun creations everyone is making from their scraps:)

I helped my daughter in law make a beautiful quilt for her new baby boy.  She cut, sewed, and then cut and sewed again.  It turned out wonderfully!After it was all sewn together, there were quite a few beautiful fabric strips leftover.

I can’t throw lovely fabric away, so I decided to gather them up and make a matching bag for her.

I have had this bag pattern in my file for years.  Now seemed like the perfect time to use it:)

I sewed the scraps into strips and then quilted them to a backing.

Looking good so far!   I followed the pattern to construct the bag and then came to the grommet section.  I used Dritz curtain grommets that I bought at Walmart but you can get them on Amazon as well. 

  • There was a template to mark the fabric.  
  • I traced the circle
  • Pinned my fabric together to keep it from shifting as I cut
  • I took a DEEP breath and cut this large hole into my bag.  Eeeeek!!  That was scary!!
  • I snapped the grommet in place. 

Woo hoo!  They look GREAT!!  Some of the grommets were easier to snap together than others.  There is a lot of fabric in there!  But they all came together:)The bag turned out so cute!!  I really love the large grommets.  

I even used scraps to make an inside pocket to hold bottles or a phone.

Here is the matching set.  SWEET!!  They look so good together:). I probably need to make another one for me!

I hope you have a Scrap Happy Day!

24 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Bag

  1. Bags and totes are becoming my new favorite thing to make lately. The quilt is so cute! And I love those big grommets. I have not worked with them yet but I need to start

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  2. Tracy, you have been blessed with such talent. Your gracious nature flows through the words of your posts. I just began following your blog. It is so enjoyable! I am so glad my daughter-in-law, Delia, had her quilt work in sight when we Skyped. She sent me the link to your blog and you have inspired me. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts from God.

    Shannon Birch

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    1. Hello Shannon! Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️. I absolutely love and adore Delia! She is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes:). I am so glad she is sewing and that she shared my blog with you. I am always happy to make new friends. I’m glad that you are one of them❤️


  3. And, can a new mom EVER have enough bags? I had one diaper bag, which worked, but there were so many times that I wished for something that I could put both our things in that looked a little more adult…especially once we were walking! Beautiful job Tracy, the grommets really make it sharp, and they will hold up well too! Those bags end up HEAVY!

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  4. Don’t you love when an idea turns out so perfectly? This bag certainly did! I think I’d almost pass out cutting those big holes for the grommets. I had no idea that they would just snap together. I figured you’d need a certain (expensive) tool. What a great gift! Now YOU need one!

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