Road Trip Eye Candy

It’s road trippin’ time!  I just love a good road trip❤️❤️.  My DH and I are going up to help my #1 son move to school.  It’s what parents do, right?  

I love driving through Arizona and Utah in August.  The weather is a little cooler and the rains have come.  It is picturesque at every turn.

My favorite part is the view of the Grand Canyon from the Highway 89.  The land is cracked for miles and miles.   

It is GRAND indeed!   I like to stop for a minute and drink in the beauty and majesty.  

And as if that isn’t enough, the other side of the highway is nestled into these tall, smooth, red rocks.  If only I were a rock climber like my son! 

I know, I know,  we are all gaining spiritual weight with so much beauty, but wait, the dessert is still to come!

Lake Powell is just a little bit further down the road!  Can you believe it?!  I am truly happy today.  

Of course a happy road trip would not be complete unless I had some fun hand work to keep my hands busy.

I am on the last few blocks of my Stardust Melodies Afghan.  I will definitely have them all done by the end of the trip.  Oh yea!!

Driving in the car also teaches new techniques because necessity is the mother of invention.

I forgot my stitch markers at home, so I have learned that a hair clip  works GREAT!  In fact it is easier to use because as the name implies, it just clips on.  How cool is that?  Its TOTALLY TIPSTER:)!

Road trips really help me get caught up on projects. But best of all, I get to sit by my cute husband and enjoy his company.  SWEET!!❤️

I hope all of your life roads are leading to happy places filled with people you love:).  

Thank you joining me on my road trip today!

25 thoughts on “Road Trip Eye Candy

  1. You’ve gotta love a great roadtrip. I have a great one coming up in October, when the Husband and I take our touring motorbike and trailer on a 3,500km (2,200mile) round trip down south for our club’s annual national gathering. That’s loads of fun, out in the fresh air, taking the winding back roads and seeing the beauty of the country, but there’s one downside: I can’t sew on the back of a motorbike! So I’m a little envious of that… 🙂

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  2. I went on a road trip from Ontario to Virginia with a friend a few years ago, it was so much fun…although there was no crocheting on that trip! I love the colours of that pink and purple square, they really go well together!

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  3. Oh thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures! I remember going with my parents from San Francisco to Mount Rushmore and back, and seeing all those things. That’s the best road trip I’ve done in my life, I loved lake Powell and the Grand Canyon is amazing 🙂

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  4. amazing. I love a road trip. the best holiday I had was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Fran and then across to Vegas. Coming from the green lands of the UK the drive across from L.A. to Vegas was very different and the scenery was beautiful like you say. I also can’t let that crochet go unmentioned! I love that CAL the squares are so beautiful. I just really can’t start another WIP just at the moment!

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    1. Hi Jo! That Pacific Coast Highway is absolutely beautiful! I bet you were amazed at the lack of greenery and all of the red and blue of the desert if you are from the UK. I have always wanted to go to your neck of the woods. Maybe someday:). I also get you about starting new projects. I see so many beautiful treasures made by such talented people and want to make everything:)! Thank you for your comment:)!❤️

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      1. Its funny, I’m currently living full-time in a castle, and I’m only knitting when I’m not roaming the moors shouting “Heathcliffe…”. So I don’t see the Romance in Jane Austin (or Emily Bronte!) that’s just everyday life…..hahaha. If only!!

        I know what you mean though, I went to America because I wanted to see some of the country that I’ve read about loads and seen on TV all the time! 🙂 so glad I did, I loved it!

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