Christmas Came Early This Year!

I love brown paper packages tied up with strings, especially if they have my name on it❤️. I was able to be part of a “shoebox swap” this past year. I gathered up quilting goodies all year long and sent them off to my secret friend in December for Christmas. That was fun, but the really fun part was that all year someone else did the same thing for me! How fun is that?!

Yesterday my beautiful box full of goodies arrived from the wonderful Candi @Quilts n Things. I opened it up and look at what was inside!!

Oh my goodness! I won the shoebox prize for sure❤️❤️! I sat and opened each little present, looked at the beautiful fabric, and ate a few bites of yummy chocolate. Just look at all of the goodness Candi was able to pack in one box!

Crazy, right?! There were so many fun goodies that it is hard to talk about them all, so I will just focus on a few.

Candi made me this darling folded fabric Christmas ornament that went right on my tree:)

She sent me a much needed box of colorful clips. How did she know that I was in the market for some of these?

AND she sent me a cookbook filled with delicious SWEET recipes! Perfect, right?!

I am so glad I had this quiet, early Christmas just for me. Candi, Thank you so much!!

27 thoughts on “Christmas Came Early This Year!

  1. Hi Tracy,
    What a wonderful box of goodness! I love Sally and her cookbooks – lots of goodies in there. And those fabrics – oooh, so nice. Have fun! ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Shoebox swap is one of the best things to look forward to in December and super fun to play with all year long. You were a welcome addition to this very fun group.

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  3. Oh, Candi loves Sally’s Baking Addiction! She’s always sending me ideas … as if I need any more sweet things – but who can resist! What a beautiful box she curated for you. I saw Warm Crochet scissors in there, too! I love mine – both pairs. LOL She is a GREAT packer!

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