Lake Powell Paradise

It’s summer time in Arizona, and around my house, that means cooling off in the beautiful waters of Lake Powell. Yea!

Lake Powell is like floating in the Grand Canyon. The cliffs and large rock formations are beautiful.

We have a houseboat that we jam pack with people, food, water toys, and games. We try to find a private cove with sandy beaches and snuggle in for the week.

We usually drive the boat a few hours into the lake, but this year we stayed fairly close to the marina, so the cliffs were not as high. It didn’t matter though. The smaller rocks around us were perfect for exploring and jumping in the water to cool off:)

The kids would wake board and tube behind the ski boat all day and in the evening we would drive around and just enjoy the red rocks and blue water.

Every turn would have a new rock or cliff to admire.

And what would a vacation be without some handwork to relax with? I brought my Persian Tiles along and crocheted while I enjoyed the view.

It was a great week. I can’t believe it is already a memory. But what SWEET memories they are!

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a virtual Lake Powell trip with us. I hope you have sunny days and smooth water wherever you may be:)

19 thoughts on “Lake Powell Paradise

  1. Hi Tracy,
    Thank you for sharing all those beautiful photos with us! Gorgeous. I love the houseboat idea – that is SO cool. It reminds me of the old Tammy movies . . . what a fabulous trip for your kids and you! Great memories are certainly being made.
    Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


      1. Not very cold here, I’m glad to say, it has been 79°F for the past few days, perfect tropical winter weather 🙂 But I thank you for the thought, and I’m sure others further south would be grateful for the sunshine!


  2. First of all you reminded me of so much fun we had as a family on Lake Powell. We never had a house boat but it was dream boat that didn’t come true but even more so I love your Persian Tile! The colors are wonderful!

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    1. Thank you! Did you camp at Lake Powell? There were quite a few campers on a large sandy beach. It looked like fun. They were four wheeling as well. As far as the crochet… I’m glad you like it. My daughter says the colors are out of date, but I say that it’s my blanket and I will use colors that I like to decorate with :)❤️❤️


      1. on no, the colors are perfect! We had a place in Hatch Utah and Lake Powell was get away fun place to go with another couple and their family. I don’t really remember beaches but its beauty is well remembered


  3. When we visited the U.S. that was one of my favourite spots, I love Lake Powell ❤ it looks like you had such a great week, how fun! and your crochet Persian tile is so pretty Tracy ❤ it is truly going to be amazing when you finish it

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      1. Lol it’s okay my lord of the rings blanket has taken me 2 years so far and I still don’t know if I will finish it before the end of the year 😅


  4. Beautiful pictures! One year, Paul took our son and stayed on a house boat. A storm blew up, someone got in trouble, their boat went to the rescue, and it was an extra exciting time for all! Paul 3 was about 9 or 10, and he was so excited about that!


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