Happy Halloween!!

I know I just posted about this project, but the stars have aligned and the day has finally arrived. I am FINISHED with the embroidery of my Salem Quilt Guild panels!!! BOO YA!!

I started this project back in 2016. I finished the first panel and then I took 2017 off and re-started back in April this year. I made a goal to have the quilt done by Halloween.

My evenings have been filled with stitching and more stitching. I am happy to say that I never got bored of this project. Each little section or witch was a new adventure and story.

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite panel or witch. Each one was so unique and fun. The pictures tells the story so well:)

I really did enjoy the journey. Here is a picture of my very last stitch. It was a happy, sad moment. isn’t that always the way it is? My night stand will be a lot less crowded now!

My final witch was the quilting teacher. She is taking this spell very seriously! This is what the whole quilt is about anyway–coming together with friends to learn to quilt.

I had to get out my other panels and look at them all together. It is a HAPPY HALLOWEEN today!

it was fun to visit them again. I hadn’t forgotten them, I just did not experience them everyday like I did when I was sewing them.

So… now I have made a hard decision– I could finish this quilt with its setting and backing, or put it back in the box and wait until next September. Setting it now would go into the Christmas holidays… I am going to put the panels back in the box.

They will be patiently awaiting their quilting grand finale next Halloween. I will have a Halloween project ready to go. AND I won’t be over loading you, my blogging friends, with this Halloween project while we are dreaming of sugar plums instead of pumpkins. You’re welcome!

Now, if any of you are inspired and want to try to make your own witches quilt guild quilt, it is from a pattern by Crabapple Hill Studios and is called Mystery at the Salem Quilt Guild. It comes as a paper pattern. You will need to trace and color the pattern onto your own fabric.

Be prepared for a long journey. You really have to enjoy the process or this is way too much embroidery work.

I also recommend tracing ALL of the panels at once. I know the excitement to start stitching is so tempting, but after the first panel is sewn, the excitement has calmed down and now the tracing is work. Believe me I know!

And my last tip is to have a lot of already threaded needles in a pin cushion by your sewing area. It makes it much easier to keep stitching if all you have to do is tie a knot and pick up the next thread:)

Well, it has certainly been a SWEET day around my house! I hope you all have a nice Halloween filled with happy trick or treaters:)!

Here is a picture of my daughter and her two spooky little boys!

Oh, and by the way, she just started a podcast on SoundCloud that you or someone you know may enjoy. It is called Real Life Mom Friends.


17 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!

  1. OH congrats Tracy! This one has been a long time coming, but wow, is this technique gorgeous! I saw the pattern and all the little blocks that have to be done for the setting. I would wait on that too. You can always do a block or two here and there and put it with your panels.

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  2. Hi Tracy!! What a fabulous finish to share on Halloween!! I am SO thrilled to see these panels all complete. While I’m sure it’s hard to wait to completely finish it off, I really look forward to seeing it next year. Every time you shared an update it reminded me to get going on ours. Sue did start tracing . . . and thank you for the tip to trace them all at one time. I think that’s also a good idea so all the panels are on the same fabric. I could easily see me using up the fabric for this project if it wasn’t traced! Really, really nice job! Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Amazing Tracy! I love love love those panels and I’ll patiently wait for next Halloween to see the quilt finished 😊 and your daughter looks so much like you 😍 I hope you had an amazing Halloween!

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  4. You did it!! What a great project–seeing it all in one place just really blows me away. I can’t believe you’re putting it away now–I don’t think I could . . . I want to see it finished. I guess I’ll just have to stick around . . . 😉


  5. Hello. I was wanting to know what you used to color on the fabric? My grandma got me started on embroidery, but this is my first time seeing this coloring technique. I love your work.
    Thank you,
    Ashley Adams

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