How to Reverse Appliqué

I have been asked to make a few heart blocks for a friend. I love helping with contribution quilts and was honored to be asked to donate a few blocks.

The theme was “hearts”. I knew immediately that I wanted to make a few reverse appliqué blocks. Not only do they look fantastic, they are easy, use up scraps in a unique way, and they are just down right fun!

•Gather up a few small scraps of whatever color you want the back ground to be- this could be just one solid piece as well.

•Sew them together in any way at all-crazy or just straight line strips, it doesn’t matter. Just whatever works is great. How about an old “orphan” block? That would work great!

•Make a square larger than your desired finished block. My block is 6.5”

•Make a paper pattern of your appliqué design. I cut out a paper heart, but it could be a circle, Diamond or any other shape you would like. Trace around it on the back of your accent fabric. Your accent fabric should also be a bit larger than your desired finished block

•Trim the INSIDE of your marked pattern about 1/2” from the line as shown above.

•Snip to the marked line about every 1/2” all the way around. Be sure to snip right in the center of any “v” like points.

•Press all of the snipped edges over to the back side of the fabric. You can fold any pieces such as the top of the heart to get the points and angles that you need. I like to press and then lightly starch as well.

•Take your beautiful appliqué fabric over to your base piece and arrange any way that is pleasing to you. Be sure to place it with the back still being large enough to cut down to your finished size

•Trim to size and sew around the edges. And FINISHED! Doesn’t that look amazing!!?

I am sure you are going to LOVE trying your hand at reverse appliqué:). Please leave me a comment and let me know how it goes!

P.S.— I am always happy to make new friends:) I welcome your kind comments and hope you will hit the follow button and follow along!

9 thoughts on “How to Reverse Appliqué

  1. Hi, Tracy. The scrappy hearts are so pretty. I have made some mug rugs using scrappy hearts but I paired my ‘created fabric’ with stabilizer, right sides together, sewing the heart shape. Then I made a slit in the stabilizer and turned the heart right side out (aka Lori Holt’s method) and then appliquéd it to my mug rug. Scrappy creations are heart warming I find.

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    1. Hi Christine! There are so many fun ways to do appliqué:). The way you are describing is the stitch and turn method that creates the beautiful appliqué that we most commonly see. I love that kind of appliqué❤️. Reverse appliqué is a completely different technique that you may find enjoyable as well. I hope you give it a try. I think you will love it as well ❤️❤️


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