Witchy Blog Hop Salem Quilt Guild Reveal

I can’t believe it, but after three years of on and off stitching , my embroidered witches have finally all made it to the witch party! I feel like I know each and every member of the guild and they are my friends:)

I love the parade of quilters with their stoic leader and the witch with the pumpkin full of delicious goodies.

I want to join in the gossip and save the the witch who was turned into a frog!

I might even treat myself to a taste of eyeball punch:).

When class time rolls around, I would really like to learn that unsewing spell! Bippity boppity boo is all I need, well, maybe a magic wand might help as well.

My two year old grandson came by the other day and LOVED hunting for items like finding all of the cats. I didn’t realize this was going to be an I Spy Quilt, but it is purr-fect for hide and seek:)

Ok, for those of you stopping by for the first time, this quilt comes from a pattern by Meg @ Crabapplehillstudio called Mystery at the Salem Quilt Guild. It has been an adventure in color, embroidery, patience and quilting. It is worth every stitch!

The pattern called for a bright colored border, but I calmed it down so the witches could take center stage. I’m so glad I did.

I tried my hand at free motion quilting. I have learned that I really like adding feathers and pebbles around my quilts.

I think witches are elegant creatures who deserve fancy feathers and spider webs, don’t you?

I am so thankful to Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt for organizing this Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop. Really, I’m not sure my witch party would have been finished this year without the deadline. Thank you Carol!

Be sure to head over to the other bloggers today to enjoy the hop party!

October 10


Homespun Hannah’s Blog


Cynthia’s Creating Ark

It’s A T-Sweet Day!that’s me!!

Count it *all* JOY!

Bethni L. – Hosted at Just Let Me Quilt

And just to say thank you for stopping by today, I want to GIVE AWAY this brand new panel #2 pattern to one lucky winner –SWEET!!

  • There are four ways to enter-
    1. Comment here and tell me Which Witch you are at the party-
      Follow me here on my blog
      Follow me on Instagram @itsatsweetsday
      Share this post with a friend via email or, Facebook

    Just let me know in your comment how many entries you have. Quilters are such wonderful people. I trust you:). The “DEAD-line” will be this Saturday.

    Which Witch?

    I think I am the “S” witch with my hand up in class. I am always anxious to learn new things, But I might be the “F” witch who accidentally turned her friend into a frog as well . I make a lot of mistakes lol!

    Happy Halloween and enjoy the hop!!

    114 thoughts on “Witchy Blog Hop Salem Quilt Guild Reveal

    1. Guess i could be ” I “! I have real sweet tooth. I like to help with the food. Especially the desserts, always trying something different. Just like in quilting. Live doing something odd, different , unusual. And your quilt kind of fits the bill for me. Love it! Great job!


    2. Oh your quilt is fabulous! I want to do something like that, but I most definitely need to start small. I would be witch O with the cupcake and gossiping.


    3. WOW, This quilt has been on my wishlist ever since they put it out. You did a fantastic job! I’m glad you completed the recommended border. I am and have been a follower of your blog. Very kind of you to offer a giveaway.


    4. I would be at the snack table, the hungry introvert that I am. Love your quilt. I can see this was a long project, totally worth the effort.


    5. #2: If I’d have choose, which I do, I will guess that I am “H”. I have a “slight” fabric collecting problem, I always overpack, and one of my cats is black.


    6. I love this project – must finish the other 5 I have purchased 😀 before buying this one. What fun, I am having a hard time deciding which witch – but I think L – always pleasantly surprised by cool new things


    7. I have been following you on Instagram, and blog. Today went and got your Pintrest. I think that’s all. Congratulations on completing this quilt.


    8. Your Salem Witch quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
      I am so in LOVE with this!!!!!
      I think I am “O” I LOVE to bake and enjoy yummy delicious Macarons!!!


    9. This has to be the best quilt I have seen in a couple of years. Been looking for a halloween theme project and I love this one. I think I am witch P looks like she (I) just said something I should not have said.


    10. I would be witch O talking and holding a cupcake (Tassy would have to be P!). I already follow you on the blog and Instagram, and I’ve just sent this to a couple ladies who I think would really appreciate your work! It’s just so impressive!!


    11. I would b e I. Those treats look like rice krispy treats which my family always requests. I’m sure with a little magic I could whip some up.


    12. I can see myself in all of these gals. LOL! I just returned from retreat with my little wagon piled high, so I would have to be H. Love, love, love your quilt!


    13. Love your quilt – a lot of work in this project, but stunning! Believe I would be H – have a lot of fabric & love it all! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.


    14. Tracy this quilt is fabulous. I’ve really enjoyed your journey with this one. I’ve decided I must be witch N. teaching at my Guild is my happy place! This fall I have 2 new quilters to teach and for some reason unstitching seems to be one of the first lessons. 😉 Carol


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