I’m Scrap Happy!

Hi Friends! I loved this month’s Scrap Happy sewing in all shades of beautiful peacock fabrics. I am grateful to Kate at Tall Tales from Chiconia for organizing the fun. Thank you Kate!!

My F2F friends will recognize these blocks that I made with my scraps for Lynn. The deep shades of purple were scraps from a wedding quilt I made for a dear friends daughter. They look equally as beautiful here:)

The batik turquoise looks like a river stream or a sunny sky for the purple orchids with their green leaves. These scraps were from my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary quilt.

I love the stripey block. I think my favorite scrap is teal and blue circle piece. It just makes me smile😊. It is a scrap from my two year old grandson’s dinosaur quilt.

So,,,, I think my experiment in scrappy – ness was a success. What do you think?

I may have added too much of that lucious purple . Maybe I should have made them more golden…. well, I could have, but no way! When I think of a peacock, those blues and purples are what come to mind. It’s so fun!

And here are months one and two of this Scrap Happy adventure-

I will be making ten sets of these blocks and can’t wait to see how they all will look different. My next post will be Susan’s Red White and Blue Valor blocks. I can’t wait!

If you would like to see what scrappy goodness has been going on out there, here are the links for my other ScrapHappy friends. (they may not post every time, but their blogs are still worth looking at).

Kate (me!), Gun, Titti, Heléne, Eva, Sue, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy, Tracy, Jill, Claire, Jan,
Moira, Sandra, Linda, Chris, Nancy, Alys, Kerry, Claire, Jean,
Joanne, Jon, Hayley, Dawn, Gwen, Connie, Bekki,Pauline,
Sue L, Sunny, Kjerstin and Vera

Until next time, I hope you too are having a Scrap Happy day!

I love to hear your comments. Please feel free to drop me a line and click the Follow button.

17 thoughts on “I’m Scrap Happy!

  1. Lynn’s collection of blocks in the gallery is notable not only for being a big change of colour direction for her, but also in how wide the interpretation of ‘peacock shades’ has been. It’s going to be an amazing quilt when she’s done! I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself with both F2F and ScrapHappy 🙂

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  2. All scrappy goodness! That circle eye/sun in the center of the first block stole the show for me and all the colors are making me smile this morning – beautiful work 🙂

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  3. These are so beautiful Tracy – I can’t wait to see them in real life. The colours I chose seem to have resulted in lots of batiks being used by the participants which is great because I love them and I can imagine using some sort of batik in a mix of all the colours (if I can find such a thing) for the backing.
    Lovely to hear about the origins of some of the fabrics too.
    Thank you xx

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    1. Oh! I’m so glad you like them Lynn! I really can’t wait for you to get them too. I’m sure it won’t be long:). I agree with the colors and the batiks. I don’t even really use batiks, big these colors just happened to be in my stash and worked perfectly! You are going to have a very beautiful quilt in the end!! ❤️❤️❤️


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